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Watercolor Sketching for Students ART-905

$460 (3 graduate units)

Take your students on an artistic adventure into the world of watercolor sketching on location. Learn techniques of seeing and capturing perspective, proportion, color, and mood, like the impressionist artists of the 19th century. Help your students not only develop the technical skills of sketching but grow in their understanding and appreciation of the value of creating art on location, capturing life as it happens.

Teaching Observational Drawing 


$460 (3 graduate units)

Observational drawing is a foundational skill for both the student and the teacher in the field of visual arts. It is a learned skill that requires concentration, analytical thinking, problem solving, and perseverance as one attempts to translate three-dimensional objects onto a two-dimensional surface. This course is designed to take your students' (and your own) observational drawing abilities to the next level and develop lessons that align with the National Core Arts Standards.

Drawing for Perceptual-Cognitive Development ART-906

$460 (3 graduate units)

Drawing, like reading or writing, is a learned skill that can be taught and developed. The practice of drawing develops one's perceptual-cognitive skills, the ability to accurately perceive, process and utilize visual information, a skill that transfers into all disciplines of learning. The skill and process of drawing also develops attention to detail, concentration, fine motor skills, problem solving, spatial reasoning, and understanding of proportion and perspective. The benefits of drawing extend into the social-emotional arena, as it has been used as therapy to reduce anxiety and stress. This course is aligned with the best-selling book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.

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